Neonatal Pearls

As a continuum for our mission of that articulates around a top notch continued medical education supported by international and regional faculty, ANCG have planned the execution of a series of neonatology webinars under the name of Neonatal Pearls. Webinars will be carried out on bi-monthly basis as follows: Share This:

Advanced Neo-Hemodynamics Workshop – ANCC 2019

  Dear Friends & Colleagues, It is with great excitement to start highlighting activities of the 10th International Arab Neonatal Care Conference will be held in Roda Al Bustan Hotel, Dubai, UAE. during the period of 26th-28th September 2019. One of the most important pre-conference workshops is the Advanced Neo-Hemodynamics Workshop that will be held at […]

The Smallest Surviving Baby Boy in the World – ANCC 2019.

Dear Friends & Colleagues, The smallest surviving male baby in the world! A baby boy weighing just 268 grams (9.45 oz) at birth was sent home on 20th of Feb 2019 after months in a Keio University Hospital, Tokyo. ANCC 2019 is proud to have Dr. Takishi Arimitsu, the neonatologist who supervised this case to […]

Nutrition & Neonatology Highlights/ MPF 2018

  MPF 2018 is going to feature eminent speakers who are going to be covering topics related to nutrition and neonatology. Topics: Probiotics: an Update/ Dr. Sanaa Yousef, Egypt. Nutrition: Saving Little Brains !/Dr. Sanaa Yousef, Egypt. Nutrition, When to refer to a geneticist?/ Dr. Cristina Skrypnyk, Greece. Neonatal Allergy/ Dr. Mohamed Al-Beltagi, Bahrain. Speakers:   […]

AO Trauma Course-Advanced Principles of Fracture Management

Please be informed there is a high demand for this educational event. It is a `First-come, first-served` basis payment! We therefore kindly ask you to make fast payment in order to avoid disappointment. The course will be held in Acropole Hotel, Tunisia. Course Link:   Share This:

Pediatric Cardiology Highlights/ MPF 2018

  Pediatric Cardiology will be one of the main topics to be covered by Mediterranean Pediatric Forum 2018. As we are striving to enrich the event with up-to-date, diversified topics and experience, we are having three eminent speakers to cover the following topics. Topics: Pathophysiology of Cyanotic Congenital Heart Diseases/ Dr. Mahmoud Al-Soufi, UAE Interventional […]

2nd OPNC 2017-Lectures

Neonatal manifestations of lysosomal storage diseases-Nadia ALhashmi MD Postnatal Steroid: Friend or a Foe- Ali Aljabri, MD Neonatal Diabetes: Doaa Yassin, MD Extra Uterine Growth: Dr. Salima Al-Aisiri Fetal DNA for Prediction and diagnosis: Uwe Fass, Ph.D. Macronutrients and Development: Julian Eason, MD liver disease: Khoula Alsaid, MD Metabolic Bone Disease: Emad Shalta, MD  Neurodevelopmental […]