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Nutrition & Neonatology Highlights/ MPF 2018

  MPF 2018 is going to feature eminent speakers who are going to be covering topics related to nutrition and neonatology. Topics: Probiotics: an Update/ Dr. Sanaa Yousef, Egypt. Nutrition: Saving Little Brains !/Dr. Sanaa Yousef, Egypt. Nutrition, When to refer to a geneticist?/ Dr. Cristina Skrypnyk, Greece. Neonatal Allergy/ Dr. Mohamed Al-Beltagi, Bahrain. Speakers:   […]

AO Trauma Course-Advanced Principles of Fracture Management

Please be informed there is a high demand for this educational event. It is a `First-come, first-served` basis payment! We therefore kindly ask you to make fast payment in order to avoid disappointment. The course will be held in Acropole Hotel, Tunisia. Course Link:   Share This:

Pediatric Cardiology Highlights/ MPF 2018

  Pediatric Cardiology will be one of the main topics to be covered by Mediterranean Pediatric Forum 2018. As we are striving to enrich the event with up-to-date, diversified topics and experience, we are having three eminent speakers to cover the following topics. Topics: Pathophysiology of Cyanotic Congenital Heart Diseases/ Dr. Mahmoud Al-Soufi, UAE Interventional […]

2nd OPNC 2017-Lectures

Neonatal manifestations of lysosomal storage diseases-Nadia ALhashmi MD Postnatal Steroid: Friend or a Foe- Ali Aljabri, MD Neonatal Diabetes: Doaa Yassin, MD Extra Uterine Growth: Dr. Salima Al-Aisiri Fetal DNA for Prediction and diagnosis: Uwe Fass, Ph.D. Macronutrients and Development: Julian Eason, MD liver disease: Khoula Alsaid, MD Metabolic Bone Disease: Emad Shalta, MD  Neurodevelopmental […]

مؤتمر طب الأطفال يبحث أحدث الأبحاث والمستجدات الطبية

نظمت وزارة الصحة أمس الأول مؤتمر عمان الدولي الثاني لطب الأطفال والأطفال الخدج، تحت رعاية سعادة الدكتور محمد بن سيف الحوسني وكيل وزارة الصحة للشؤون الصحية، والذي يستمر لثلاثة أيام وذلك بفندق جراند هرمز بمحافظة مسقط المؤتمر الذي ينظمه قسم الأطفال بالتعاون مع قسم التطوير والتوجيه المهني بمستشفى صحار؛ يشارك فيه 23 محاضرا دوليا من […]

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