Neonatal Pearls

As a continuum for our mission of that articulates around a top notch continued medical education supported by international and regional faculty, ANCG have planned the execution of a series of neonatology webinars under the name of Neonatal Pearls.

Webinars will be carried out on bi-monthly basis as follows:

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TitleDateStart TimeDurationRegister
Neonatal Management in COVID 19 Era; What is New? o Dr. Coraddo Moretti,
o Dr. Daniel De Lucas
o Dr. Jubara Alallah
13/6/20209:00pm +042 hours
Neonatal Cardiology & Hemodynamics Pearls Meet the experts in neonatal cardiology and hemodynamics in an evening full of interesting cases.

- Basics of neonatal hemodynamics and stepwise approach to an unstable neonate
- The latest update in the management of refractory pulmonary hypertension
- A tour through some of the cardiac interventions in neonates.
We are excited to have you all on our webinar on 27th June 2020. Register now and reserve your seat... See you online.

o Dr. Mohammed Kassem, UAE
o Dr. Patrick McNamara, USA
o Dr. Yasser Elsayed, Canada
27/6/20209:00pm +042 hours
MRCPCH Training and Examination in COVID 19 Era o Dr. Abla El Alfy
o Dr. Majeed Jawad
o Dr. Yousef A. AlBastaki
4/7/20209:00pm +042 hours
Neonatal Respiratory Pearls Dr. Mahmoud Elhalik, UAE
Dr. Nader Faseeh, Egypt
Dr. Yasser Elsayed, Canada
18/7/20209:00pm +042 hours
Life Before and After COVID – 19 Era o Dr. Alok Sharma, UK
o Dr. Michael Narvey, Canada
o Dr. Yahya Ethawi, UAE
1/8/20209:00pm +042 hours
Neonatal Immunology Pearls o Dr. Al Moiz Omar Bakhit
o Dr. Sanaa Abdelrahman
14/8/20209:00pm +042 hours
Neonatal Neurology Pearls o Dr. Ahmed Alzahrani
o Dr. Khalid Hundulla
o Dr. Yasser Elsayed
29/8/20209:00pm +042 hours
Neonatal Nutrition and Gastrointestinal Tract Pearls o Dr. Hisham Awad, Egypt
o Dr. Josef Neu, USA
o Dr. Yasser Elsayed, Canada
12/9/20209:00pm +042 hours
Neonatal Endocrinology Pearls o Dr. Manal Mostafa, UAE
o Dr. Pratik Shah, UK
o Dr. Rasha Tarif, Egypt
18/9/20209:00pm +042 hours
Neonatal Infection Pearls To Be Announced ...3/10/20209:00pm +042 hours
Neonatal Ventilation Pearls To Be Announced...17/10/20209:00pm +042 hours
Neonatal Neurodevelopmental Pearls To Be Announced...31/10/20209:00pm +042 hours
Neonatal Genetic and Metabolic Pearls Dr. Ahmad Abou Tayoun
Dr. Mohamed Elsawy
14/11/20209:00pm +042 hours
Neonatal Renal Pearls To Be Announced...28/11/20209:00pm +042 hours
Neonatal General Pearls To Be Announced...12/12/20209:00pm +042 hours

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