Neonatal Pearls

As a continuum for our mission of that articulates around a top notch continued medical education supported by international and regional faculty, ANCG have planned the execution of a series of neonatology webinars under the name of Neonatal Pearls.

Webinars will be carried out on bi-monthly basis as follows:

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TitleDateStart TimeDurationRegister
Neonatal Respiratory Pearls Dr. Khaled El-Atawi
Dr. Mahmoud Elhalik, UAE
Dr. Muzafar Gani Abdul Wahab, Canada
Dr. Nader Fasseeh, Egypt
18/7/20209:00pm +042 hours
Endoscopy in ENT23/7/20208:00am EET3 hours
Endoscopy in ENT24/7/20208:00am EET3.5 hours
Life Before and After COVID – 19 Era 1. During this Outbreak, the Disease May Spread Within Healthcare Settings When Appropriate Protective Guidelines are not Implemented and Followed. So we Need to Detect the Protection.

2. These Guidelines are in Place Across All Disciplines and Departments to Ensure Staff Safety is Maximized While Caring for These Patients.

3. COVID-19 Requires Airborne Strict Isolation Protocols and PPE Designated for That Isolation Status. All Staff Must Wear Appropriate PPE in the Patient Room After Being Trained to Competency. Many Changes Occur

4. Isolation Will not be Changed or Discontinued Without Consultation and Approval from Infection Prevention and Public Health.

5. To Know the Staffing Approach and NICU Model of Care for COVID-19 or PUI

o Dr. Alok Sharma, UK
o Dr. Michael Narvey, Canada
o Dr. Riccardo Davanzo, Italy
1/8/20209:00pm +042 hours
Neonatal Immunology Pearls o Dr. Al Moiz Omar Bakhit, Bahrain
o Dr. Christophe Dupont, France
o Dr. Elham Hosny, UAE
o Dr. Sanaa Abdelrahman, UAE
14/8/20209:00pm +042 hours
Neonatal Neurology Pearls o Dr. Ahmed Alzahrani, KSA
o Dr. Khalid Hundulla, KSA
o Dr. Mohammed Eldib, UK
29/8/20209:00pm +042 hours
Neonatal Nutrition and Gastrointestinal Tract Pearls o Dr. Hisham Awad, Egypt
o Dr. Josef Neu, USA
o Dr. Peter Reynolds, UK
o Dr. Yasser Elsayed, Canada
12/9/20209:00pm +042 hours
Neonatal Endocrinology Pearls o Dr. Manal Mostafa, UAE
o Dr. Pratik Shah, UK
o Dr. Rasha Tarif, Egypt
18/9/20209:00pm +042 hours
Neonatal Infection Pearls To Be Announced ...3/10/20209:00pm +042 hours
Neonatal Ventilation Pearls To Be Announced...17/10/20209:00pm +042 hours
Neonatal Neurodevelopmental Pearls To Be Announced...31/10/20209:00pm +042 hours
Neonatal Genetic and Metabolic Pearls Dr. Ahmad Abou Tayoun
Dr. Mohamed Elsawy
14/11/20209:00pm +042 hours
Neonatal Renal Pearls To Be Announced...28/11/20209:00pm +042 hours
Neonatal General Pearls To Be Announced...12/12/20209:00pm +042 hours

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